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Printer Spares

We stock most OEM spare parts for the equipment listed below and anything we do not stock we can normally obtain very quickly.
We can also offer servicing on this equipment whether on site or at our workshop at very competitive rates. Contact us for details on our full range of service contacts and repair services.

A full list of Print-heads and Service contracts for the Barcode Label Printers we supply can be found on this website under the individual categories section.

Printer Manufacturers:

  • O’NEIL
  • SATO

Due to massive Demand for ZEBRA parts we have listed more detail specifically for the Zebra range:


Zebra’s replacement parts and printheads are quality components made to Zebra’s exacting engineering standards. These cost-effective components ensure that your printer will continue to provide the quality, reliability, and performance you expect.
If you have a heavy-duty, high-volume, extreme-environment direct thermal application, ask about our new Extended Life Printhead. It lasts, on average, three times longer than our standard printhead—minimizing downtime on your line. For direct thermal printing only.


Stamped from the same tools and dies as the originals, Zebra replacement parts and printheads are thoroughly inspected to ensure that they fit just as precisely as the originals. They are made from the same high-quality materials to provide superior performance and protection against wear.


Built to exacting standards, Zebra printheads are designed to drop directly into the fitting, preventing potential errors and accidents during installation and use.


Zebra printheads help keep your printer performing like new, thanks to their unsurpassed fit and function.

Font Packs

Zebra font packs increase your printer’s flexibility and print quality. Scalable and TrueType fonts provide unlimited point size flexibility. International fonts include Cyrillic, East European, Turkish, Greek, Icelandic, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Thai.


Zebra’s keyboard display unit (KDU) allows you to retrieve forms and enter data directly into your Zebra printer, without using a PC.

Label Rewinders

Zebra’s label rewinders make pre-printing tasks simple and efficient – letting you pre-print labels, store them, and then reload them into your printer when you are ready to finish your print job.

Media Rolls

Rely on Zebra’s media rolls to take the effort out of custom label reprints. Printed labels feed back into the printer onto a new roll for later use.

Memory Cards

Zebra’s memory cards are a convenient way to portably store label formats, large graphics files, and fonts.

Mounting Kits

Use Zebra vehicle mounting kits to place a printer mount in a forklift, truck, or any vehicle to provide convenient storage for mobile printers while on the move.
Networking Accessories

Zebra’s wireless networking accessories offer plug-and-play simplicity. With no re-configuring and re-cabling, Zebra’s wireless networking option lets you quickly and easily move your tabletop printers.

Platen Rollers

Zebra’s replacement platen rollers ensure your the print quality of your Zebra printer is unmatched.

Power Cords

Rely on Zebra’s regional power cords to keep you connected in any global electrical environment.

Print Servers

Zebra print servers let you easily connect your printers directly to your network, without using a PC to manage print serving tasks.

Printhead Maintenance Supplies

Keep printhead cleaner kits on hand to perform regular printhead maintenance, and to ensure optimum printer performance.

Snap Plates

Easily control your Zebra printer’s media alignment using a snap plate, also known as an upper media guide.


Rest your mobile printer on a handy kick stand. Use stands while programming your printer or when it is not in use.

User Guides

Order one or multiple copies of Zebra printer user guides and manuals, in CD-ROM or printed version, through an authorized Zebra reseller partner.