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3D2015B 6″ wide Electric Label Dispenser


We stock a range of electric and manual label dispensers to help increase productivity when hand applying labels. Our range of electric dispensers automatically remove the backing paper and present the operator with a fresh label each time the current one is removed.

Features include:

Designed and Manufactured in the U.K.
Robust coated-steel chassis design – Ideal for Workshop & Office Environments

Variable Dispensing Speed (ensures the unit is compatible with virtually all label sizes and types)

Holds reel diameters up to 305mm (12″) and widths of 160mm (6″)

Presents operator with new label each time current one is removed.

Removes and Rewinds backing paper

Labels detected by a modulated-light Photocell which can be used in all lighting conditions and does not impede label removal
Works with labels on Roll or Fanfold, multi-across formats.
Suitable for transparent labels

Electronic braking system for precise label dispensing

Simple to setup and operate

Available in 240Vac or 110Vac 50/60Hz versions

Carrying Handle – for ease of transportation

Can dispense labels a small as 5mm sqr.

Maintenance free

Complete stock of spares available at a moments notice.