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The PrintPAD portable printer offers innovative mobile printing for rugged environments to enable the production of hard copy back-ups of digital information and signature printing, as well as the generation of receipts, tickets, labels, and barcodes for a variety of applications. This integrated system combines an O’Neil 4.41 inch wide (112 mm) thermal printer in a rugged case and an embedded communications charging cradle designed for use in a number of different applications with variety of Motorola® and Hand Held Products™ mobile computers.

The PrintPAD supports the following mobile computer models:

Motorola – SPT1700, SPT1800, PPT2700, PPT2800, MC9000-S (MC9060-S and MC9090-S) and MC70 (MC7004, MC7090, and MC7094)

Honeywell – Dolphin® 7900

Intermec – CN3 and CN3e