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DATAMAX ST3210 label printer 203dpi


The S-Class is Datamax-O’Neil’s professional ticket printing solution. The S-Class thermal printers are designed for reliable ticket printing that can fit an any environment.  The rugged all metal construction combined with proven thermal printing technology and two configurations to choose from make it the ideal fit for professional ticketing businesses.

Specifications at-a-glance:

Direct thermal printing technology
On the counter or under the counter configurations
3.2” [81mm] maximum print width
10 ips [254 mm/s] maximum print speed
203 dpi [8 dots/mm], 300 dpi [12 dots/mm] optional resolution
Serial, parallel, & USB communications


Part numbers
22-00-030020B0  ST3210 CE DT EU 203DPI AUTO PL
Q22-00-06000000  ST3210 DT EU/UK 203DPI 3.25″ TRAY CVR KY DIF
Q22-00-0600000P  ST3210 EU/UK 203DPI DTPL 2″ TRYCUT COVR KEY
Q22-00-060000A2  ST3210 DT EU/UK 203DPI CUT 3.25″TR
Q22-00-060020A2  ST3210 DT 203DPI CUT 3.25″ STD SNSR
Q22-01-06000000  ST-3210LF DT EU/UK 203DPI MULTI LANGUAGE
Q23-00-06000000  ST3306 EU/UK 300DPI DTPL COVR KY DIFF
Q23-00-06000002  ST3306 EU/UK 300DPI DTPL CUT 3.25″ TRAY
Q23-00-060000A2  ST3306 DT EU/UK 203DPI CUT BOTM SNSR PL
Q23-00-060020A0  ST3306 DT EU/UK 300DPI AUTO PL CVR KY MSTR
Q23-00-060020A2  ST3306 DT EU/UK 300DPI AUTOPL CUT 3.25TRAY
Q52-00-03BA2002  ST3210 LF DT EU 203DPI AUTO PL CUT 3.25TRY LOCK SET
Q82-00-00000000  SV3210 LF DT 203 DPI 2MB FLASH USB VRTICAL MOUNT
Q82-00-06000000  SV3210 DT EU/UK 203DPI VERT MNT PL ASSY
Q82-00-06000002  SV3210 EU/UK 203DPI DTPL ASSY VERT MOUNT
Q82-00-06002000  SV3210 VERT MNT DT 203DPI EU/UK TEAR BAR
Q83-00-06000000  SV3306 EU/UK 300DPI DTPL ASSY VERT MOUNT
Q83-00-06000002  SV3306 EU/UK 300DPI DTPL ASSY VERT MOUNT