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Honeywell SPS5600 Proprietary Mobile Computer

The SP5600 OptimusR and the SP5650 OptimusRW™ provide a robust solution for efficient batch data collection. An IP65-rated design protects the unit in demanding environments such as dusty warehouses, steamy stockrooms and wet loading docks. The SP5650 OptimusRW incorporates WiFi® communication technology for long range, real-time data transfer up to 250 meters.
Plastic housing with integrated rubber:  Reinforced unit construction enhances durability
IP65-rated:  Protection components from harsh and demanding environments
Rechargeable battery:  200 hours per charge maximizes uptime and labor efficiency
Optimizer software suite:  Graphical software package makes setup and use quick and easy
Ergonomic design with large, backlit keys:  Shape and key placement facilitates comfortable one-handed operation