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Opticon OPN2001 Data Collector

Opticon OPN 2001 11586 data collector kit exclusive to Supplyline.
Supplied complete with our upload software which allows collected data to be uploadede direct into a spread sheet or file.

Collect a lot of barcodes and easily upload to the pc

Warranty – 1 year Return to base

Product rating –   Highly Recommended

FREE – Exclusive software upload utility allows fast easy transfer of collected data ready for use in a spread sheet.

Equipped with a USB cable for data transfer and trickle charging of battery.

We offer exclusive options for mains power and car charging for the OPN2001.

11586 OPN2001 pocket memory scanner can store 1000’s of barcodes, making barcode data collection simple for anyone who needs to be mobile.
Using this scanner is straightic forward – scan a barcode and it will be stored automatically. When you make a mistake, delete the last scan and re-scan the barcode.