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SG20 Healthcare Duty Imager barcode scanner

SG20 Healthcare 2D ImagerImportant hospital verification processes don’t need to impact productivity. Minimize the time and effort to read bar codes with the fastest 2D healthcare scanner on the market. Designed with ergonomics and the hospital environment in mind, the SG20 healthcare scanner features a housing made of disinfectant-ready materials.The Intermec SG20 is an affordable, high performance family of handheld scanners available in tethered or cordless models. Designed to the needs of healthcare, the SG20 helps to ensure that patient safety standards are consistently met.Features the industry’s fastest 2D imager for highly responsive omnidirectional scanningUnique, ergonomic styling maximizes comfort and saves countertop spaceWhite scanner housing made of disinfectant-ready materialLarge LED provides effective visual operational feedbackWide range of affordable, multi-purpose accessories increase scanner flexibilityIntegrates seamlessly with healthcare information management systems, point of sale systems, PCs, and common software solutions