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SR-6/SR-10 Slitter/Rewinder

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

The SR-6 or SR-10 combination Label Slitter & Rewinder allows you to slit and rewind in-line directly from a printer without placing any tension whatsoever on the printer. A free-hanging loop of material is created between the SR-6/SR-10 and the printer thereby eliminating all tension on the printer. A special chassis-mounted optical sensor on the SR6/SR-10 starts and stops the slit/rewind action based on the optimum depth of the loop. Fully adjustable tension on the SR-6/SR-10 provides complete control over the slitting action and the tightness of the finish rolls.

  • Control Input
  • Speed up to 125cm/s
  • 3- Years Parts and Labour Limited Warranty


Technical specifications SR-6 SR-10
Max Roll diameter 220 mm
Core diameter 76 mm
Max Label Width 170 mm 255 mm
Min Label Width 13 mm
Max Torque 579 mm
Number of Blades (2) 2 3
Number of Seperator Plates (3) (Alum) 2 3
Number of finish rolls (4) 3 4
Number of Flanges 2 3
Dimensions WDH 483 x 381 x 400 mm
Weight 16.8 kg
Power Spec (5) 120-220VAC in, 24VDC 120W Out
Available Options Extra Blade Assy
Extra Aluminium Seperator Plate
Counter Module
Package of 10 Replacement Blades

(1)Rewind/Slit direction “left-to-right” or “right-to-left” is specified at the time of order.
(2)Up to 4 blades can be used simultaneously on the SR-6.
(3)Additional Separator Plates can be purchased to match the number of blades used.
(4)Total number of finish rolls varies with the number of blades used.
(5)Desired input voltage specified at the time of order.