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Symbol P460 General Purpose Bar Code Scanner

The P460 corded scanner offers the flexibility to key in and view captured data while scanning. Workers have the flexibility to collect data at any location, with real-time cabled or batch memory capabilities. The ergonomic design and comfortable grip substantially reduces worker fatigue. And there’s no ramp-up time — this device comes pre-loaded with inventory application software.
Corded or batch operation
Enables both inventory (batch) and POS (real-time cabled) data collection.

Preloaded inventory application software
Scans and stores bar code data right out of the box.

Supports 123Scan utility software and advanced data formatting (ADF)
Delivers seamless integration of data into the existing host application.

17-key alphanumeric keypad and 2-line x 20-character display
Allows users to easily view, enter and delete scanned records.

Forward-scanning pistol grip
Reduces user fatigue with comfortable grip for scan-intensive environments.

Non-volatile memory
Saves data if the unit loses power.

Flash memory
Makes software upgrades easy in the field.

4MB or 8MB memory
Provides ample memory capacity for inventory counts and look-up tables.

Optional MCL-Designer
Allows you to develop custom data management applications.