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Unitech MS180 Linear Imager Barcode Reader

The Unitech MS180 is a reliable and affordable bar code scanner for retail, medical and light industry application.
The MS180 Bar Code Scanner is a reliable yet affordable scanner. The ergonomic design makes thescanning process easier and comfortable. The MS180 is rugged designed to withstand multiple 5 feet drops to concrete.
The MS180 flexible, multiple interface design supports keyboard wedge, USB, RS232 and Wand emulation by simply replacing the cable. The IBM PC XT/AT keyboard wedge interface supports different character sets.
The MS180 is equipped with built-in decoder reads and discriminates all major symbologies, it helps you to reduce processing time and labor cost yet increase accuracy.

Features & Benefits
?CCD Scanning for Reliability
?Ergonomic Design for Operator Comfort
?Multiple Interfaces for Compatibility
?Affordable Pricing