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Unitech MS210 Linear Imager Barcode Scanner

The MS210 CCD scanner is a reliable, low cost bar code reader suitable for a wide range of environments. Its features and price make it the best solution for Retail, Medical and Light Industrial applications.
The ergonomic design makes the scanning process easier and more comfortable. Aside from good looks, it is also rugged enough to withstand multiple six feet (1.8 M) drops to concrete.
The MS210-1 flexible, multiple interface design supports keyboard wedge, RS232 and wand emulation by simply replacing the cable. This feature also prevents downtime caused by damaged cables. In addition, the IBM PC XT/AT keyboard wedge interface supports 8 different character sets. The powerful built-in decoder reads and discriminates all major symbologies, reducing processing time and labor costs, while increasing accuracy.

Scanning Features :
• 1.2-Meter / 4-Foot Drop Threshold
• Resolution up to 0.1 mm (4 mils)
• Reading distance up to 25mm

Power consumption :
• Operating current 85mA 15mA (5V)
• Standby current 20mA 10mA (5V)

Interfaces :
• Keyboard wedge (PC XT/AT, PS/2 and Macintosh ADB, DEC, and IBM terminal ) .
• RS232 (May require external AC adapter) Wand Emulation

Built-in Decoder Features :
• Reads all major bar code symbologies .
• Reads reverse bar code labels .
• Trigger, Flash, Multiscan and One press one mode .
• Configuration through bar code setup
• Extensive data formatting features