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Unitech MS320 Linear Imager Barcode Readers

The MS320 is a scanner that matches a laser scanner in performance by incorporating aggressive long range CCD scanning technology. It also gives the user excellent comfort thanks to its ergonomic and light weighted design yet robust finish. It is built to withstand 1.5m multiple free drops to a concrete floor.
Besides supporting most common one dimensional barcodes the MS320 also supports a two dimensional barcode, PDF417. This barcode is selected for applications in areas such as the automotive industry for key applications as shipping, product evidence, quality conveyance, production broadcast, configuration management and material safety data sheets.
As a valuable accessory, the MS320 comes (optionally) with an adjustable hands free stand for automated operation, It delivers the flexibility to operate as a presentation scanner, making the scanner suitable for your point of sale, office automation and document tracking applications.

Features :
• Supports most common 1D barcodes and the two dimensional barcode PDF417
• Robust design withstanding 1.5m to concrete floor
• Anti scud material
• Optional hands free stand for automatic scanning
• Contact and wide reading enables you to read labels up to 25cm DOF and up to 12 cm wide
• Interchangeable plug-in design
• Setting the scanner via quick set-up or barcode manual through PC by scan utility software (RS232-cable required)
• Flash-ROM for easy post-purchase software upgrades via RS232 interface design
• Flexible connectivity via auto discriminating interface design