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Unitech MS337 High Resolution 2D Imager Barcode scanner

Unitech’s innovatively designed MS337 2D rugged image scanner provides for greater business efficiency, reading accuracy and productivity with its fast 2D scanning engine and highly aggressive performance. Its LED flash has virtually no repeated scanning making it highly efficient and competitive in its class by reducing costs and maximizing uptime and limiting downtime. The MS337’s Industrial standard miniature form factor and rugged design provide for a compatible and durable technology.
Unitech’s MS337 image scanner offers true Omni-directional 2D area scanning technology with its high resolution integrated illumination mega pixel image sensor and wide-angle lens designed to cover a large scanning area to meet industry demand with its enhanced technology offering precision and accuracy, reducing power consumption and increasing efficiency. The MS337 provides a leading Industrial decoding software package offering aggressive performance precision with its unmatched decoding capability.
The MS337 provides easy firmware upgrades of new features and is ideal for hand-free or self-service applications with no need for additional hardware triggers. The MS337 is the one device for both indoor and outdoor use in either absolute darkness or direct sunlight making it a highly versatile scanner. Unitech also provides comprehensive IT support packages and service along with its Windows based software platform.
The Unitech MS337 accurately decodes even the most comprehensive sets of symbologies with greater precision, which includes damaged, poorly printed or wrinkled documents effectively. The MS337 is easily integrated with existing applications utilizing the latest state of the art CMOS technology offering unparalleled flexibility for customization and easy configuration with its PC-based software. The MS337 scanning technology also provides greater accuracy in multiple industry application including Passports, book ISBN,
license plates, ID cards, Bank Checks, pharmaceuticals management and Parts management.

Features :
• FirstFlash™ with integrated illuminationSwiftDecoder™ decoding software
• Industrial standard miniature form factor
• Image transfer (beta software available)
• USB interface
• 3 – 5.5 VDC power input1D, 2D and OCR(option)
• High-resolution image transfer Operation
Image sensor  CMOS, 1.23 mega pixels
Decode Capability  All standard 1D and 2D symbologies
Illumination  650 nm LED
Aiming  615 nm LED