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Unitech MS380 Linear Imager Barcode Scanner

The MS380’s lightweight and ergonomic design is conducive to long hours of scan-intensive operation across various applications. Not only is the CCD scanner designed to feel like an extension of the user’s arm, but it is built to withstand the demands of the workplace. The device can absorb multiple 1.2 Meter (4’) drops to concrete, and it is sealed with an IP43 rating against the elements. These features help ensure that the MS380 is the ideal bar coding solution for Health Care, Light Industry, Warehouse and Commercial
Service applications. Wireless Connectivity Supports Real-time Data Collection Transactions
The MS380’s cradle is equipped with a rotatable antenna that allows the MS380 to roam at least 100 meters in diameter from its access point. The MS380 even alerts users that it is out of this wireless range by vibrating, ensuring that data is captured reliably. In addition, a replaceable battery pack enables the user to operate the device for more than 8 hours without recharging.
The MS380 offers reliable scanning performance with a read rate of 230 scans per second and a scan width of 200mm. The MS380 also delivers one of the best depth-of-field ranges on the market at 360mm for Bluetooth scanners. This device dependably reads most 1D and GS1 bar codes. The MS380 is a great asset for companies that need a cost-saving data collection solution.

Features :
• Supports USB HID interface for easy installation
• Supports GS1 codes
• Built-in Bluetooth Class 1
• Rotatable external cradle antenna
• Wireless Coverage: Up to 100 meters (open space)
• ESD protection: 4kv contact/8kv air
• Depth-of-field: 40 – 350mm
• Reading resolution: 4mil
• 1620mAh battery capacity
• 1.2-Meter / 4-Foot Drop Threshold