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Unitech PA600 Clinical assistant PDA

The PA600 MCA (Mobile Clinical Assistant) is a compact and rugged mobile computer designed especially for healthcare applications. Constructed with an antimicrobial protective housing, and equipped with an RFID reader and 2D bar code scanner, the PA600 MCA is the ideal mobile computer for modern medical professionals.
Applying RFID technology with 2D bar code systems are becoming more commonplace in today’s medical environment. These technologies allow medical staff to correctly identify patients by reading their RFID enabled wristbands and ensure that the correct treatment is administered to the correct patient when scanning medicines.
Unitech recognizes this trend and committed much effort into developing a product that specifically meets the needs of today and tomorrow. The PA600 MCA’s QVGA color touch-screen enables the operator to view more information about the RFID tags that have been read, and the ergonomic design and alphanumeric keypad make data entry simple.
Supporting Oracle Database Lite and Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006, the PA600 MCA allows end users to synchronize RFID data with existing business systems and databases – thereby reducing deployment time, integration challenges and total cost of ownership.


Standard Features
• Windows Mobile 6.1
• 520MHz PXA270 processor
• 2D imager scanner
• Bluetooth and WLAN
• 3.5″ color touch screen
• 128MB RAM / 512MB Flash ROM
• Antimicrobial housing
• 18-key keypad
• SDIO expansion slot
• IP64-rated / 4-foot drop threshold
• Includes power supply, cables and stylus

Product Models and Descriptions
PA600-7760LADG PA600 MCA