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Unitech PA982 Ultra Rugged Industrial PDA

When your business demands that mobile workers perform in harsh environments they need equipment that is as rugged as they are, and the PA982 is as tough as they come. From its crystal clear color touch screen and rugged keypad, both designed for use with or without gloves, to its ability to perform in conditions as low as -22°F and as high as 122°F, the PA982 is the perfect choice for difficult working conditions.
Whether it’s being used in cold storage, forestry, shipyards, transportation or any other number of industries, the PA982 is a mobile computer your operators can trust to keep working as long as they do. With its internal intelligent heating system, the PA982 can be used in extreme operating temperatures. It also has an impressive IP67 rating, so it is protected against the effects of immersion up to 1 meter, as well as having full dust protection. It can also withstand 1.2 meter drops to concrete.
The PA982 will keep your mobile workers connected across even the widest operating area, both indoors and outdoors. It comes standard with Bluetooth, and its PCMCIA slot allows easy and on demand integration of technologies such as WLAN or WWAN, or additional memory cards.
Whether inside or outside, poor lighting will never again be the cause of errors, delays and frustration in your data collection applications. The PA982 has been designed for use in even the poor lighting conditions. It features a large color touch screen with backlight and stow-away stylus, and a backlit 22-key alpha/numeric keypad with assignable function keys for one-touch operation.
The PA982 offers flexible data entry in a variety of stock control and warehousing applications, food retail environments and even frozen food transportation. Its advanced double-cell battery pack supports operation for up to 12 hours, with a short 4 hour recharge cycle. Its ergonomic design ensures maximum user comfort. Operating hours can be extended using the add-on gun grip with integrated second battery, increasing operating time to 18-20 hours.
Available with either a standard or long range integrated laser scanner, the PA982 gives its users the flexibility to scan from close range or from a forklift. Utilize the PCMCIA expansion slot to quickly transform the PA982 into a dual technology laser scanning and RFID tag reading device. When you’re in the business of collecting and processing data in extreme environments, you can rely on the PA982 to be tough enough to keep on working, whatever the conditions.


Features :
‧WindowsCE.NET 5.0 Professional Plus
‧Intel processor 400MHz
‧QVGA backlit color touch screen
‧Backlit 22-key keypad
‧Support Bluetooth, PCMCIA Slot for WLAN / WWAN expansion
‧Operating temperature: -22°F – 122°F(-30° – 50° C)
‧IP67 Rated
‧1.2-Meter/4-Foot Drop Threshold