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Wasp MobileAsset – Professional

MobileAsset PRO – Asset Tracking Software
Wasp MobileAsset is the #1 selling, industry-leading asset tracking solution for small to medium-sized businesses. Wasp has perfected an all-in-one solution to solve the asset tracking needs of government and educational agencies, healthcare, and small to large companies across the globe. This asset tracking solution is capable of meeting the high demands of your business while still remaining simple enough to master right out of the box!

If you’re currently using a spreadsheet, or pen and paper, MobileAsset will improve efficiency and reduce cost by automating your asset tracking process. MobileAsset takes asset management to a higher level, giving you the ability to save time and money, end equipment losses, improve equipment maintenance, gain control over new and unnecessary equipment purchases, and more accurately compute taxes based on depreciation schedules.

The Pro version allows you to track all company assets with the added power and sophistication of several key features: 5-users/networking, asset linking/kitting, software license management, contract management, and alerts.

MobileAsset conveniently captures the following information in one location, saving you from having to search for misplaced, unreturned or lost equipment or documents:

What assets your company owns
Where each asset is located
Who has it
When it was checked out
When it is due for return
When it is scheduled for maintenance
The cost and depreciation
The warranty period and expiration

MobileAsset asset tracking solution also stores the transaction history of an asset, so you know where it has been, how many times it has been broken or serviced, and who was the last person to check it out and for how long. Assets can easily be audited to ensure 100% information accuracy.

MobileAsset is the perfect asset tracking software when you need the flexibility and freedom of a mobile device. Managing company assets from behind a desk with a PC is frequently inefficient, if not impossible. MobileAsset can be used on a mobile device so that you can tack assets in remote locations, in different rooms, buildings, or in the field.

This ready-to-use asset tracking solution includes: MobileAsset Pro asset tracking software
5-PC user
1-mobile device license
Integrated barcode labeling software
Free, unlimited technical support for the life of the product

Common Applications
Tracking company property and assets
IT tracking
Tracking book value of equipment
Evidence tracking
Rental tracking
File and document tracking

Examples of Assets
Office equipment
Medical equipment
Educations material
Office furniture

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Product Description

System Requirements
PC System Requirements
Windows 2000, XP or 2003 server
400MHz or higher processor
512 MB RAM minimum
400 MB disk space minimum
32-bit color minimum
CD-ROM drive

Mobile Device Requirements
Wasp MobileAsset supports both Palm and Pocket PC devices.

Palm Requirements
Palm OS 3.5 or higher
Palm desktop version 4.0 or higher
4MB of RAM (8MB recommended)

Pocket PC Requirements
Windows® Mobile 2003 or later
CE 4.2 or higher


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