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Wasp WLS9500 Barcode Reader

Wasp WLS9500 Barcode Reader

The Wasp WLS9500 handheld laser barcode scanner offers exceptional speed, precision, and durability for outstanding performance even in harsh environments. The WLS9500 is the next-generation in scanner technology. It offers features not found in other available scanners: innovative, multiline rastering scan pattern, wide working range, and superior motion tolerance. This innovative design virtually eliminates the need for end-user training. It can scan all types of one-dimensional (1D) barcodes, including damaged symbols or stacked reduced space symbology (RSS) barcodes.

The WLS9500 is designed to withstand constant, rigorous use in office, retail, pharmaceutical, and warehouse environments. A drop tolerance of 6 feet ensures this laser scanner keeps working, even after being dropped repeatedly on concrete. The WLS9500’s single circuit-board construction and laser design deliver a maximum scanning range of 29 inches and superior motion tolerance. The motion tolerance allows users to rapidly and accurately capture data from a variety of items without pausing between scans. The fast scan rate and decoding capabilities ensure that employees are able to process more items rapidly and spend less time keying in data. The device‚Äôs RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substance) compliance ensures that the WLS9500 supports the latest directive by the European Union. The WLS9500 can be used in hands-free mode with the optional hands-free stand.

The WLS9500 supports keyboard wedge interface for USB or PS/2.

Common Uses
Health Care
Light Warehouse

System Requirements
Windows 2000, XP (SP2), Server 2003, Vista (32 bit)
USB connection port (PS/2 versions also available and will work for Windows 98, ME, NT)

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