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Datalogic handheld scanners: Powerscan PBT9600 and Memor 11

Datalogic have recently updated their handheld scanner offerings, with the Powerscan PBT9600 and the Memor 11

Both can be purchased from the Supplyline website in a number of variations. Not sure what each scanner is like, then take a look at our information below and familiarise yourself with what they can do.

With the new Datalogic PowerScan PBT9600 industrial scanner, your customers get more done with just one device.

Those who want to perform a wide range of tasks in industry with just one device rely on the new Datalogic PowerScan PBT9600. The omnidirectional handheld scanner with wireless charging function pairs with any Bluetooth-enabled device and offers a long reading range of over 2 metres, with which it also captures damaged and distorted barcodes.

  • Bluetooth handheld scanner with a reading range of over 2 m
  • Captures 1D/2D barcodes, QR codes, DotCode and Digimarc
  • 3,350 mAh battery, inductive charging technology, compatible with Bluetooth charging station
  • IP65/IP67 certified, drop-proof from up to 2.5 m height
  • 3GL and Motionix technology for motion detection
  • Trigger is designed for more than 10 million actuations

Intelligent technologies included

In addition to the high reading range, the handheld scanner also inspires with great technologies! Among other things, it has 3GL (3 Green Lights) and Motionix motion detection for automatic switching from handheld to presentation mode and vice versa

Made for all requirements

The PBT9600 is available in three models: the standard model intuitively captures low-resolution barcodes, the high-performance model is suitable for longer ranges and the special document capture model is ideal for wide-angle applications.

The Memor 11 family is a versatile mobile computer series that improves business productivity and streamlines operations. This cutting-edge addition to the prestigious Memor Series is designed to provide unparalleled flexibility for today’s mobile workforce.

Boasting an up-to-date operating system and enhanced processing capabilities, the Memor 11 family delivers superior scanning performance and all-around efficiency. It is the perfect solution for those who need versatility for in-store retail operations and inventory management, inbound/outbound warehouse logistics, manufacturing traceability and quality control, and for transportation and logistics applications. The Memor 11 family comfortably exceeds all requirements.

Customers can choose between Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi/Cellular models to best suit their needs and stay connected no matter what their use case. Seamlessly deploy indoors or in combination with outdoor operations and field mobility.

Key features

  • Superior processing capabilities + 4GB of RAM
  • 5-inch capacitive multi-touch HD display
  • Android 11 with Google Mobile Services (upgradeable to Android 13+)
  • Ultra-slim 2D imager enhanced for dark environment performance + Datalogic’s exclusive ‘Green Spot’ technology for visual good-read feedback
  • Ultra-reliable swappable battery with SafeSwap™ capability and Smart Battery Management
  • Contactless wireless charging