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Labels of the Month


Introduction to Labels

Thinking of buying some labels, but not sure what type of label you need?  Take a look at this in-depth label guide put together by the Supplyline experts. Different Types of Labels Laser Labels: These are self-explanatory and are used in machines like photocopiers, ink-jet…

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Supplyline now stock the TSC TH DH Series of Desktop Printers

Versatile applications with High-Precision and High-Quality Printing The TH DH Series Desktop Barcode Printer, a revolutionary printing solution designed to meet diverse requirements while giving users the perfect blend of versatility, usability, and flexibility. With its comprehensive features and user-friendly design, this printer offers an…

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Are you ready for the Barcode (r)evolution

2D or not 2D that is the question! THE BARCODE REVOLUTION, OR IS IT? The barcode is evolving from 1D to 2D, but are we ready? ­ The world has become accustomed to the 1D barcode and what it does, instead of thinking ahead about…

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Need to verify your barcodes? Check out our stock of Axicon verifiers

Bad barcodes can disrupt inventory systems, cripple access security systems, break supply chains, and bring important processes to a halt. We, at Supplyline, recognise and understand the importance of having properly functioning and working barcodes. To help you ensure that your barcodes are working, we…

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December Label of the Month

December Label of the month is a generic label for large/bulk items for Techsil. Techsil make a range of specialised adhesives including the clever glue used in fixing windscreen cracks in cars. We already produce a range of labels for their various products. We were…

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Save Now: Get Label Accessories from Supplyline Auto ID UK!

At Supplyline Auto ID UK we stock a range of label accessories, from Label counters, applicators, dispensers, reel-to-reel, rewinders, slitters and much more… These are from manufacturers such as Labelmate, Dispensa-Matic, DPR, Towa and others… These are all devices that are used in the labelling…

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November Label of the Month

Our November Label of the Month is a hot foil holographic silver label for Southampton FC. We were asked to do a label for Southampton FC. Labels needed to have a security feature built in and sequential numbering using a duplicate set for authenticity and…

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October Label of the Month

Our October Label of the Month is for a new glitter look for Stargazer. Having worked with Stargazer for over 20 years. We were asked to come up with a label with a new look to an existing label for their “Glitter Lipstick” range, we…

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New Toshiba Label Printers now on site

Toshiba have increased their printer offerings, with a new colour label printer, the BC400P and a new and improved industrial label printer, the B-EX4T3 Both can be purchased from the Supplyline website in a number of variations. Take a look at what we currently have…

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September Label of the Month

Working with Topshelf Packaging we have made a few labels for the CBD Flowershop using various shape labels to go over the bottles, tubs and lids. These are used for their line of CBD oils and products they sell online. We were asked to do…

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