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return to workshop repair service

Return to workshop or depot repair

We offer this as a cheaper repair service where time is less critical or where you may want multiple printers repaired as a batch repair.

For a less time critical repair, you the customer can arrange to send the faulty printer to the Supplyline workshop to have the fault diagnosed, repaired and/or serviced.

Workshop repairs are often the most cost effective solution for non-urgent repairs; ideal for companies that keep spare printers available within their printing operations for immediate swap outs.

Printers returned to the Supplyline workshop will be assessed within two working days of receipt and a quotation for the required work will be issued for your authorisation.

Subject to parts availability, repairs are normally completed in a further two to three working days. A workshop inspection fee will apply which is refundable if the workshop repair goes ahead.

Workshop Inspection Fee: £60.00
(this is fully refunded if the repair goes ahead)

We offer the largest thermal printhead range in the UK and our engineers carry a huge range of parts and cleaning solutions to maintain the life of your printheads and printers over time.