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Ad-Hoc Support for Mobile PDAs and Wireless Terminals

We offer a range of services, contracts and repair options for Mobile Terminals and Portable Printers.

All of our repairs carry a full no-quibble 90 day warranty and are maintained to the very highest level, from new replacement parts to cleaning to software and firmware updates. “Quality of Service Counts!” is our mantra.

These can include On-Site and Off-Site Contracts, Swap Out Units, Loan Units, Rental Units and Ad-Hoc repairs.  Please contact us via our online form or call our friendly sales team on 01403 865 111.

Wireless and Terminal On-Site Support

SUPPLYLINE offers a wide range of on-site support solutions to meet your company’s requirements.  Our support is as diverse and dynamic as the systems maintained.  We can support mission critical terminals that cannot be removed from site or wireless networks that need maintenance or just a mild tweak.

On-Site Support Options:

Support Response Times:

Each of the support options can be backed up by a response time of your choice.

Note: Rapid Response is based on a 4-6 hour arrival time from when the fault is reported.

Pay As You Go On-Site Support

No contract required – just a phone call to our Technical team on 01403 865 111 within working hours and we’ll help!  We have an out of hours support line available on request (using this out of hours line may effect overall response time).  The initial call is logged and as much information is taken as possible.  We will then make an assumption of all the possible faults and create an action plan.  All of this will generate the necessary paper work and reports ready to be handed over to an engineer.

Contract On-Site Support

An on-site support contract will cover you at specific times.  You can use the contract to run a full year, part of a year or just peak working times (e.g. at Christmas).

They also come with a response time, plus a boost upgrade facility if it’s required (i.e. from 2-3 day to next day).

Each contract is tailored around your own company requirements.  They can be completely static or as dynamic as your needs require.  We are flexible and want to help you as much as possible – that’s what we are here for!

Holiday Cover On-Site Support

This is aimed at companies with good technical knowledge of their wireless system, but:-

Do you just hope nothing goes wrong and keep enjoying your relaxation time on the beach or on the ski slopes?

SUPPLYLINE Wireless Onsite Support – Covering Technical Managers Holiday

We’ll make an initial survey, making notes of locations, settings and take the odd picture.  You then tell us the dates and cover you require (next day, 24/7, etc) and we’ll send you a quote.

Call or email us – our friendly sales team would be happy to discuss your requirements and explore options.