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Billable Repair Options for Mobile PDA’s & Terminals & Portable Printers

Supplyline offer a range of service, contracts and repair options for Mobile Terminals and Portable Printers.

For our Billable repair services you send us your Terminal(s) via our RMA system, once booked in our engineers carry out a full diagnostic test and evaluate the cost of repair, these costs are tied into our 3 repair levels as below and allow for easy cost control of repaired units.

All our repairs carry a full no quibble 90 day warranty and are maintained to the very highest level, from new replacement parts to cleaning to software and firmware updates. “Quality of Service Counts” is our Mantra.

These can include On-Site and Off-Site Contracts, Swap Out Units, Loan Units, Rental Units and Ad-Hoc repairs, please contact us via our form or call our sales team on 01403 865 111.

Repair Level 3 Repair Level 2 Repair Level 1
Triage- Cosmectic Repairs
(3 Month Full Guarantee)
General- Mid Range Repairs
(3 Month Full Guarantee)
Comprehensive- High End Repairs
(3 Month Full Guarantee)
Back Up Battery
Display Window
Keypad Overlay
Minor Cosmetic Repairs
Scan Lens
Software Update/ Configuration
3 or more Triage repairs equals a General repair.
Board-level (PCB) Repairs
Display (LCD) Repairs
Internal Antenna
Internal Flex Cables
Power Faults
Radio Repairs
Scan Enigine/ Minor Repairs
Upper Or Lower Casings
3 or more General repairs equals a Comprehensive repair.
Main Board Replacement
Scan Engine
2 or more Comprehensive
equals B.E.R.
(Beyond Economical repair.)

SUPPLYLINE Standard Service

We offer the most comprehensive service as standard to all our customers every time a equipment is sent to us. Below is whats included.

*SUPPLYLINE’s Xtend Program

This program has been built up over many years using the experience of Supplyline’s engineers. Many terminals that have been produced work adequately under normal operating conditions, but SUPPLYLINE understands that this is sometimes not the case. With our Xtend modifications common faults that arise have been addressed, a solution found, documented and then referred to by all Supplyline’s engineers.

This continually accessing and improving means that the end user gets a superior product out in the field that lasts longer and downtime is minimized.

Please contact our sales department to discuss any maintenance offerings that you may be interested in.

Call or email the Supplyline sales team now to discuss your options and requirements.