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Supplyline either directly or through our partners supply a number of electrical companies & wholesalers like RS Components / Newey & Eyre and Yesss Electrical to name a few.

We supply many more companies like these in this industry but due to the sensitive nature of their business and our relationship with them we would only discuss these details directly with serious end user enquiries, which we would welcome.

If you want to find out why so many electrical companies trust and deal with SupplylineID please get in touch.

Electrical Applications

Our electrical-label range is produced on the most durable of synthetic materials and can be specified with different strength adhesives depending on their application.

Our stock range consists of hundreds of internationally-recognised symbols and clear bold text for easy readability, we also have the facility to create fully custom designs for you.


Printed circuit board identification and traceability

The label on a printed circuit board is subjected to significant stress throughout the production process. Poor quality or damaged printing can have an impact on production process monitoring, on logistics and on the use of the printed circuit board in the end product.

Such message legibility and durability requirements are at the heart of the process of selecting a print solution.

Electrical riibbon button

Printed circuit board label printing

The technologies used in component soldering and residue cleaning are very demanding: for example, temperatures can reach as high as 300°C (572°F) and the dispersal of solvents under high pressure may easily compromise the label and printed message.

Laboratory ageing tests for demanding sectors (e.g. aeronautics, automotive and armaments) reproduce the high mechanical and thermal stress to which the printed label is subjected (resistance to UV, humidity, heat, cold, temperature variation, etc.).

Certain international print performance regulations (UL standard) and those covering the use of regulated substances must also form part of the process for selecting the print technology.

Electornics label image

Labels subjected to testing conditions

Whether it’s a computer hard disk, a laptop charger or a transformer for an electrical device, the identification of these components ensures traceability throughout the various stages of manufacturing, repair and recycling.

With Thermal Transfer technology, each component can be individually labelled with a barcode, serial number, user warnings, symbols and logos, even on a pre-printed medium.

Certain application environments are especially aggressive for printed material and may compromise the legibility of the information: abrasion, scratching, dust, heat, exposure to UV, etc.

Thermal Transfer technology offers a combination of print media and ink able to handle the demands of each particular application environment.

Charger Label

Asset Labels

Our asset labels are available in all shapes and sizes for different uses, Supplyline can manufacture asset labels in synthetic materials varying in thickness for rigidity, even metalized in some cases for extreme durability against abrasion, heat and tearing.

Electrical Asset Label

Cable and Wire Labels

Self-laminating labels, also know as wrap around labels are an easy way to preserve the print on your labels, and ensure they won’t be coming off any time soon.

Wire And Cable Label for electrical appliances

Hazard Labels

Labels we produce ourselves and supply via third party manufactures are full GHS compliant and will make sure your business is up to the required standard of safety

Hazard Labels

Coloured labels

Pre printed labels and tags can be part printed or colour-washed in a whole range of colours to help you differentiate your stock at a glance.

JCB Construction Coloured Labels

High Resistance Permanent Labels

when you combine the water-resistant properties of a synthetic material like polypropylene or polyester with the fast curing of a hi-tack adhesive it gives you a label you can count on for those applications where you simply can’t afford lose the label or the legibility of the information printed.

PAT Testing Labels

The method used to produce our PAT Testing labels involves using the most consistently high performing materials and the most current printing techniques to make sure we achieve the high possible quality product for you. They can be pre-printed with your details or left plain for overprinting by yourself; find out how much you could save on your PAT testing labels.

PAT Test Labels

Inspection Labels

Our labels can be printed in any way you specify, using either an existing design we have on file or your own customised design with a logo, printable up to 8 colours.

Electrical Inspection Labels

Fascia / Instruction Labels

Labels can be printed in full colour with instructions or a usage-guide on a weatherproof material that should apply to any material, rough or smooth, withstand a number of environmental factors without peeling off, using our extra permanent adhesives.

Electrical Fascia Instruction Labels

Industrial Strength Tags

we can supply you with a super-tough tag that is both weather and tear resistant; they can be made with an eyelet hole for tying on yourself or we offer self tie loop-tags for easy removal if necessary.

Industrial Strength Tags For Construction

Water/Oil Resistant Labels

Labels that are required to have an oil resistance tend to be made of a synthetic material that naturally repels water and oil, we can send you a few different samples of material/adhesives to see what works for you. Supplyline can also recommend a varnished paper label for a more cost effective solution to a short term labelling. Both of these label types adhere well to nearly all surfaces, including glass, metal, plastic, painted surfaces, polycarbonate and more.

WaterOil Resistant Labels

Tamper Evident Labels

Anti-Tamper Labels are one of the best ways you can protect your products from tampering or at least provide clear cut evidence of tampering. If someone tries to remove the label, some of the material separates and is left on the packaging showing a VOID message or the label will disintegrate, both of which are very difficult to remove and makes tampering look immediately obvious.

Tamper evident label electricalVoid seal electrical

Serialised / Barcode Labels

Using our in-house label printers, we can produce barcode labels or products labels with serialisation for either the barcode, a serial number or batch code that is variable on your labels.

Barcode Labels For Construction Industry

QR Code labels

QR barcodes are a great way to store lots of information about your product that’s available via a single scan; virtually any device with a camera can do it. You can also set up your barcode to take the scanner to a website or specific page.

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3M Polyester Ink Jet Receptacle Recyclable Labels
A4 Laser Labels Jet Gloss 90 Sheet Labels
Anodised Aluminium Laser Labels Sprocket Fed
Blockout/Blackout Loop Tags Tags
Clear laminates Metallised Silver/Polyester Tamper Evident
Clear PE Oven Proof Tactile
Clear PP Paper Direct Thermal (Eco or Topcoat) Tickets
Domed Paper Thermal Transfer (Matt Vellum or Gloss) Vinyl
Dot Matrix Labels Polyester (PET) Void
Fabric & Woven Labels Polyethylene (PE) Ultra Destruct
Fan Fold Labels Polypropylene (PP) Window Stickers
Fan Fold Tags & Tickets PVC
Garden Centre Tags Peel & Reveal


Acrylic based High Tack Ultra High Tack
Blockout / Blackout Peelable Ultra Low Tack
Chilled Permanent Void
Fastyre Rubber Based Water Resistant
Freezer Tamper Evident


Chemicals Handling Scuff Proof
Extreme High Temperature Moisture Sea & Salt Water (BS5609 Standard)
Extreme Low Outdoor Exposure Solvents
Grease Scratch Proof UV Exposure


Coding Ribbons Colours Full/Resin Ribbons
Coding Ribbons Full/Resin Hot Foil Ribbons
Coding Ribbons Wax/Resin Near Edge Wax/Resins Ribbons
Cold Stamping Ribbons Near Edge Full/Resins Ribbons
Colour Ribbons (Primary & Metallic) Premium Wax Ribbons
Chemical Ribbons (chemical resistant) Standard Wax Ribbons
Enhanced Wax Ribbons Washable Ribbons (Textile / Clothing Printing


Our ribbons can meet the following certifications :
Food Contact Europe RoHS Halogens
Heavy Metals Marine shipping (BS5609) California Proposition 65
REACH/SVHC Food Contact USA Print durability (UL)
Drug Master File