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Supplyline only offer the highest quality ribbons from the market leading manufacturers that include Armor, ITW Thermal Films, Inkanto, Richoh & Sony plus all the genuine branded ribbons from Zebra, Honeywell and Toshiba. This enables us to meet any ribbon requirement with the perfect grade or ribbon type ensuring not only perfect print every time but also the correct resistance or protection to last the life of the product or application.

Buy Printer & Coding Ribbons from Supplyline, one of the largest resellers of Printer & Coding Ribbons in the Industry, we sell at the most competitive price and carry by far the largest stock range in the UK.

Challenge us to save you money, improve your print quality and increase the life of your printer or printhead, we wont be beaten on price.


Choose a print solution with proven resistance against cold

Production and packing throughout the cold chain for frozen products subject printed information to significant stresses, potentially compromising legibility.

In these demanding environments, Thermal Transfer technology offers a high-performance solution for the printing of variable information.

Frozen section Printing Best By Date Frost FoodFrozen section Best Before Date Frost Food

Quality printing for durable information

Thermal Transfer is able to mark all types of logos, numbers and characters with a good visual finish and a level of resistance suitable for the product’s environment of production and of use.

To avoid an expiry date or traceability number being erased from the packaging, a Thermal transfer ribbon must be selected that offers resistance to freezing, abrasion, handling, etc.

Frost Food Packaging PrintingPrint Resistant Freezer


No compromise for the identification of frozen products.

Dissatisfied with the print durability provided by another Resin ribbon on the market which nevertheless claims high levels of resistance, this Thai sausage producer finally decided to swap to the inkanto AXR8 Resin ribbon.

A demanding environment for inks

The printed labels on sausage bags are potentially subjected to significant attack associated with the fatty nature of the product, to the heat of the product when it is packaged and to the instant freezing process which follows.

In the absence of a robust ink, any of these constraints may compromise the legibility of the identification and traceability data.

For this Thai user, the main criteria are therefore the combination of excellent print quality on the synthetic medium currently used, resistance to scratching and extreme temperatures and the ability to function faultlessly with the
Zebra printers already in situ.

The AXR®8 solution

The print performance of the AXR®8 in such an industrial environment and the commercial approach of the local ARMOR partner convinced the user to change to this product.

The AXR®8 is already widely used in the food processing sector and consequently enjoys certification in accordance with the European standard 1935/2004/EC for food contact applications, and also enables users to comply with the principles of US FDA standards.

inkanto ribbons for frozen products packaging

The Wax-Resin inks (APR® or APX® range) for near-edge printers offer the best combination of print quality, speed and cost, while the Resin inks (AXR® range) are the best suited to demanding applications in terms of durability.
inkanto inks are also available in white, metallic and various colors for printing on coloured packaging films.

inkanto ribbons enable producers to comply with European regulations (1935/2004/EC) and US FDA requirements.

APR600 Datasheet APR650 Datasheet AXR600 Datasheet

Prints that whithstand temperature changes

Fresh & Frozen Food or Produce from ITW

With increasing requirements like those published in the GS1 guide on food traceability, the food industry must have a reliable way to identify their products for safety and efficiency, as well as maintaining visibility of their products throughout the supply chain. Generally, flexible resin enhanced wax and wax/resin thermal transfer ribbons are used in this high volume sector where legibility and durability such as scratch, abrasion and UV resistance may be required.

PrintheadSaver® Extreme Series Midrange™ (ESM™) wax/resin products offer a flexible, durable and extreme solution for these applications including ribbons that have received recognition and authorization for use in fresh produce and food contact label applications that may or will have direct food contact. In addition, ITW Thermal Films also offers a white wax/resin ribbon that provides quick visual recognition of price codes, date codes, lot codes and other variable imagery that is printed on flexible packaging often used for fresh fruit and produce.

Log on to ITW Thermal Films Extreme Solutions™ to find the PrintheadSaver® ribbon/label combination that meets your requirements.

PrintheadSaver® ribbons for fresh fruit and produce applications include:

Fruit Produce Applications

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Our ribbons can meet the following certifications :
Food Contact Europe RoHS Halogens
Heavy Metals Marine shipping (BS5609) California Proposition 65
REACH/SVHC Food Contact USA Print durability (UL)
Drug Master File

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A4 Laser Labels Jet Gloss 90 Sheet Labels
Anodised Aluminium Laser Labels Sprocket Fed
Blockout/Blackout Loop Tags Tags
Clear laminates Metallised Silver/Polyester Tamper Evident
Clear PE Oven Proof Tactile
Clear PP Paper Direct Thermal (Eco or Topcoat) Tickets
Domed Paper Thermal Transfer (Matt Vellum or Gloss) Vinyl
Dot Matrix Labels Polyester (PET) Void
Fabric & Woven Labels Polyethylene (PE) Ultra Destruct
Fan Fold Labels Polypropylene (PP) Window Stickers
Fan Fold Tags & Tickets PVC
Garden Centre Tags Peel & Reveal


Acrylic based High Tack Ultra High Tack
Blockout / Blackout Peelable Ultra Low Tack
Chilled Permanent Void
Fastyre Rubber Based Water Resistant
Freezer Tamper Evident


Chemicals Handling Scuff Proof
Extreme High Temperature Moisture Sea & Salt Water (BS5609 Standard)
Extreme Low Outdoor Exposure Solvents
Grease Scratch Proof UV Exposure


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