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Supplyline only offer the highest quality ribbons from the market leading manufacturers that include Armor, ITW Thermal Films, Inkanto, Richoh & Sony plus all the genuine branded ribbons from Zebra, Honeywell and Toshiba. This enables us to meet any ribbon requirement with the perfect grade or ribbon type ensuring not only perfect print every time but also the correct resistance or protection to last the life of the product or application.

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25 Million blood bags marked with Armor AXR9 ribbon

Guaranteeing the legibility of traceability data in demanding environments.

This global giant supplies hospitals and blood donation centres with complete blood management solutions (devices, software, consultancy). For this sensitive activity subject to strict regulations, the head office of Haemonetics located in Braintree, Massachusetts, selects the best offers on the market to create the solutions it offers to its customers worldwide.
It has therefore selected the inkanto Thermal Transfer resin film AXR®9 to equip the Zebra PAX4 print-and-apply printers on the production lines for plasma bottles located in a controlled environment.

The particular demands of this production process and, more specifically, packaging process, are such that the specifications setting out the required levels of resistance from the print solution incorporates the following constraints:

During test phases, the manufacturer was able to validate the non-toxicity of the ink followed by real-life test conditions: freezing, thawing, humidification, ageing, and resistance to the adhesive ribbon, all of which were fully satisfactory.

The excellent application properties combined with the flexibility offered by Thermal Transfer technology in terms of the printing of variable data, not to mention the savings to be made by using white labels rather than pre-printed labels, were the factors behind the approval of the solution.

Healthcare landing page Blood Bag Processing LabelHealthcre AXR9 icon

Data security guarantees patient safety
Collecting blood is a simple process, but ensuring the identification and traceability of each and every bag up to the receiving patient is a very demanding challenge. Blood bag labels contain essential information such as the name and contact details of the producer and all of the donor’s identification details: blood group, conservation period, barcodes, laboratory tests, etc.

Just some of the sensitive information required to be protected by a print of high quality and high resistance. The various blood treatment processes (such as centrifugation), the sterilization by autoclave (100 to 140°C / 212 to 284°F) and the various stages of storage (up to -50°C/-58°F) and transport subject the ink to high levels of stress.
A damaged barcode or blood group would make the blood bag unusable.

Blood Plasma Bag Label

inkanto ribbons for marking blood bags

In order that the printing on the label remains intact throughout the lifecycle of the blood bag, it is recommended to use the resin-based inks from the AXR® range which combine:

It is also possible to print primary production data directly onto the bag by using the black or coloured ribbons for near-edge printers.

The registration of inkanto inks with the FDA in the USA enables users to easily compile their Drug Master File.

Healthcare landing page Identification Test Tube Laboratory Label

Whether in the chemicals, food processing or pharmaceuticals industry, certain laboratory environments are aggressive for printed labels, to the point of their becoming unusable in terms of the identification and traceability of products and samples.

Customised printing

With its ability to print single labels, Thermal Transfer printing offers the flexibility required for the marking of all kinds of identification and traceability data on products used in the laboratory.

Thermal Transfer ribbons offer very precise printing of barcodes and identification data on even the smallest of labels which are frequently used for test tubes, microscope slides and flasks.

The wide variety of available Thermal Transfer inks enables each laboratory to find a tailor-made solution in terms of print quality and durability.

inkanto ribbons for laboratory labels

inkanto Wax-Resin inks (APR®/APX® range) offer great print flexibility for the marking of small characters and of horizontal, vertical, 2D and DataMatrix barcodes. The APR® ribbons offer high levels of performance on both paper and plastic (synthetic) labels and are perfectly suited for products subject to repeated handling but not exposed to chemical substances.

A Resin ink (AXR® range) is the best suited for extreme applications. In combination with synthetic labels they offer the optimum mix of quality and durability. The AXR® ribbons meet the resistance needs of products with a long life cycle, which are subject to repeated handling, are stored or sterilised at extreme temperatures or are in contact with chemical substances.

inkanto ribbons comply with regulations on heavy metals (RoHS), do not contain any substances of very high concern (REACH), enable users to comply with European (1935/2004/EC) and US (FDA) food contact regulations and are ideal for printing red and black GHS labels.

Ideal for the individual traceability of each bag

AXR7+ Datasheet AXR8 Datasheet APX FH+ Datasheet

Sensitive information in aggressive environments

Throughout the lifespan of the product, identification and traceability data is subject to various forms of attack able to affect the legibility of the information: