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Mobiles sales

Record sales orders whilst at the customers premises with this comprehensive solution which includes forms for creating sales orders including special offers, using filtered customer lists and a daily updated products list. Completed orders are then sent back to the sales office instantly via GPRS or in batches via email over a wireless connection.

How the mobile sales option works:

Sales employees log on each day and are then able to record sales, view orders and send order data back to the company headquarters at the touch of a button. All sales are date and time stamped as well as the precise location of where the transaction was recorded using GPS co-ordinates. A customer signature can also be captured if required.

Printed receipts and sales orders at the customer site with a compatible mobile printer.


List of benefits:

System Features for mobile sales:

System Requirements:

Our mobile software applications are compatible with a wide range of Accounts software packages such as Sage and Pegasus, as well as most commonly used databases like SQL or Access. Please contact us for further details.

Software licenses start from just £149.50 each (+VAT) Compatible with Microsoft Access, Excel, SQL, and Oracle Databases (& more)

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