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Our lead times for Labels are changing… but why?


Following recent introductions of legislation for packaging and labelling (such as Natasha’s Law), we have seen within not only our own business but with many companies we work with, a massive increase in the requirements for labels and tags across all industries.

This unforeseen demand has had a negative effect on the supply of materials, bringing in price increases alongside extended lead times, and leaves us working tirelessly to continue to supply orders on time and to the same high standards.

What does this mean for you and your labels and tags order?

With the Christmas period fast approaching (the busiest period of the year for many) we have had to make the decision to extend our estimated lead times for plain labels from 5-7 working days to 8-15 days, and printed labels from 10 days to 15-22 working days to make sure we’re able to accommodate the current and expected increase in orders.

We will always endeavour to meet your requirements on urgent orders and will continue to do so where possible, but we have to manage expectations and say it is very unlikely in the coming months, and also ask that you please give as much notice on orders as you possibly can, both now and leading up to the new year!

Increased shifts and storage

To help in these tough times, Supplyline is running weekend shifts and has also invested in new storage and warehouse space to increase overall capacity and allow us to increase our stock-holding capabilities over the next few months.

We are advising that if you need labels and tags this side of Christmas, then seriously start to think about placing your orders now. We can produce your order in advance and hold it in stock to be sent and invoiced when you need it, i.e. Nov/Dec/Jan. This guarantees you’ll have your labels within 24-48 hours and also benefit from the same price as the day you ordered, without paying upfront.

No price increases and your stock off the shelf, next day delivery, what could be better?

All we are asking is that you give us enough notice on your orders/call-offs and we can take care of the rest, giving you peace of mind and one less thing to worry about!

Is there any good news?

We carry a range of over 10 stock box sizes of labels on a roll (Thermal Transfer & Direct Thermal) and more than 20 sizes of A4 Laser Labels together with an array of generic food and packaging labels. And we stock 100’s of sizes of Thermal Transfer Printer & Date Coding Ribbons.

We also stock Printers / Mobile Computers / Barcode Scanners and Printheads and thousands of other products, many of which are available by next-day delivery. So we can still help you maintain stocks of your other required items with no issue at all.

Contact us for a comprehensive quote on any of our products and consumables before your next order, even if it’s only for comparison.