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Pricing Gun and Ink Rollers


Supplyline offer a full range of labels to suit most pricing guns if your not sue what labels you need or just want a quote please contact our sales team.

We sell the full range of Sato Branded Label guns / Labels & Ink rollers.

We sell millions of pricing gun labels either plain or printed with a choice a PERM adhesive or a PEEL adhesive. We carry a range of labels plain and colour washed labels and an array of existing designs from best before / use by date to EC oval identifiers.

Our most popular pricing gun labels are our SUP2612PGL (26mm x 12mm) pricing gun labels, these suit the widest range of label guns out there and cover 80% of the main market.

Single Line Range:

Use By With Date Sku Sticker pricing gun Label Yellow
Use By Red Best Before Red Use By With Time

In addition we supply a range of labels for multiple lines for when extra data or information is required.

Two Line Range:

Pricing Gun Euros Pricing Gun Reduced Pricing Gun Minus 30
Pricing Gun 25 Percent Off Pricing Gun Special Offer Pricing Gun Expiration


New Food Range Two Line:

Frozen Pricing Gun Opened Used By Cooked Pricing Gun


Three Line Range:

Potatoes Pricing Gun Received Date Pricing Gun Batch

Pricing Gun Ink Rollers:

In addition we supply a range the full range of Sato Original Ink rollers for every model of Sato pricing guns, these include the models: Sato Judo XL / Sato Kendo 22 / 22P / 26 / Sato Samark 26 / Sato PB1 / Sato Judo 26 / Sato Duo 16 / 20 / Sato Judo Food / Sato Judo Promo and the Sato PB3-208, 312 & 416 models.

Pricing Gun In ActionPricing Gun Accessories

Our wide range of pricing labels mean that your products can be priced-up using either a laser printer, thermal printer or a dedicated pricing gun. We have many templates available to choose from, 1, 2 & 3-line for guns and various sizes to use on printers dependant on how much information you’d like to print on them; you also have total free to customise your labels so they already show a logo/company information.

Additionally we supply hundreds of different types of promotional labels, with specific prices, discounts and retail wording. All stock designs can be produced in the colour(s) of your choosing and we’re also happy to work with you and your designers to create retail labels that are unique, eye-catching and functional.

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3M Polyester Ink Jet Receptacle Recyclable Labels
A4 Laser Labels Jet Gloss 90 Sheet Labels
Anodised Aluminium Laser Labels Sprocket Fed
Blockout/Blackout Loop Tags Tags
Clear laminates Metallised Silver/Polyester Tamper Evident
Clear PE Oven Proof Tactile
Clear PP Paper Direct Thermal (Eco or Topcoat) Tickets
Domed Paper Thermal Transfer (Matt Vellum or Gloss) Vinyl
Dot Matrix Labels Polyester (PET) Void
Fabric & Woven Labels Polyethylene (PE) Ultra Destruct
Fan Fold Labels Polypropylene (PP) Window Stickers
Fan Fold Tags & Tickets PVC
Garden Centre Tags Peel & Reveal


Acrylic based High Tack Ultra High Tack
Blockout / Blackout Peelable Ultra Low Tack
Chilled Permanent Void
Fastyre Rubber Based Water Resistant
Freezer Tamper Evident


Chemicals Handling Scuff Proof
Extreme High Temperature Moisture Sea & Salt Water (BS5609 Standard)
Extreme Low Outdoor Exposure Solvents
Grease Scratch Proof UV Exposure


Coding Ribbons Colours Full/Resin Ribbons
Coding Ribbons Full/Resin Hot Foil Ribbons
Coding Ribbons Wax/Resin Near Edge Wax/Resins Ribbons
Cold Stamping Ribbons Near Edge Full/Resins Ribbons
Colour Ribbons (Primary & Metallic) Premium Wax Ribbons
Chemical Ribbons (chemical resistant) Standard Wax Ribbons
Enhanced Wax Ribbons Washable Ribbons (Textile / Clothing Printing


Our ribbons can meet the following certifications :
Food Contact Europe RoHS Halogens
Heavy Metals Marine shipping (BS5609) California Proposition 65
REACH/SVHC Food Contact USA Print durability (UL)
Drug Master File