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Armor Thermal transfer films - Wax/Resin - Generic FH

Armor Thermal transfer films – Wax/Resin – Generic FH

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APR 6, APR 600, AWR 470, AXR 7+, APR530

Printer Type

Inside Wound, Outside Wound


100m, 300m, 450m, 600m

Width/Part No.

64mm T43354ZA, 110mm T43491ZA, 38mm T11362ZA, 40mm T42518ZA, 50mm T42521ZA, 55mm T42516ZA, 60mm T42517ZA, 70mm T42522ZA, 76mm T42523ZA, 83mm T42524ZA, 90mm T42519ZA, 110mm T42393ZA, 114mm T42520ZA, 154mm T42526ZA, 76mm T43889ZA, 110mm T43524ZA, 154mm T43540ZA, 40mm T42511ZA, 50mm T42508ZA, 55mm T42507ZA, 60mm T42394ZA, 70mm T42515ZA, 80mm T42502ZA, 90mm T42506ZA, 100mm T42513ZA, 110mm T42392ZA, 130mm T42504ZA, 154mm T42509ZA, 170mm T42512ZA, 220mm T42514ZA, 40mm T14985EZ, 50mm T14494EZ, 55mm T14984EZ, 65mm T15135EZ, 80mm T14983EZ, 95mm T46875EZ, 105mm T14982EZ, 130mm T14981EZ, 160mm T16014EZ, 115mm T15505EZ, 152mm T16385EZ, 160mm T14943EZ, 220mm T14942EZ, 220mm T14985EZ4, 48mm T14727EZ, 55mm T14171EZ, 68mm T14172EZ, 76mm T14265EZ, 84mm T14173EZ, 89mm T14496EZ, 102mm T14175EZ, 112mm T15460EZ, 114mm T45907EZ, 134mm T14176EZ


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