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A successful RFID solution requires a high-performing thermal label and inlay. We offer end-to-end RFID solutions you can trust – including pre-tested RFID labels made with the tailored materials and adhesives.

Our RFID tags and smart labels securely and accurately receive, store, and transmit digital information in multiple frequencies for asset management and supply chain support, utilising on-demand chip encoding.

SmartLabel APP1 RFIDSmart Label

Our RFID tags and smart labels securely and accurately receive, store, and transmit digital information in multiple frequencies for asset management and supply chain support, utilising on-demand chip encoding.

All of our labels can be produced plain or pre-printed on cost effective paper or waterproof synthetic materials, both of which are available with peelable, permanent or ultra hi-tac adhesives.

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Let Supplyline ID maximise your RFID solutions with Zebra’s quality-tested RFID labels and tags

A successful RFID solution requires a high-performing thermal label and inlay.  Zebra is your trusted expert in all things RFID. We offer end-to-end RFID solutions – including pre-tested RFID labels made with the right materials and adhesives, along with the highest-performing inlays and crisps – customised for your application.  Choose from the widest selection of in-stock items, ready to ship within 24 hours.  Maximise the benefits of RFID across your enterprise with Zebra RFID Labels.

Enduring performance

In addition to choosing the correct RFID inlay and label, inlay placement is critical for success. Zebra employs ISO 9001 quality processes to reduce instances of unsuccessful encoding.  We pre-test labels with Zebra readers and printers to ensure industry-leading performance.  And, we offer you the latest generation of crisps and the same label material from order-to-order to safeguard consistency and quality.

RFID expertise

Optimising RFID performance requires an in-depth understanding of materials, applications, readers and printers to ensure reliable identification of assets.  As the #1 RFID brand recognised by the 2018 RFID Journal’s Brand Report, Zebra is well positioned to assist you in achieving your successful RFID implementation.

Pilot ready

With 30 ZipShip items in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours, you can quickly conduct a pilot and implement an RFID solution to realise efficiencies sooner, without the long lead times or large minimum order quantities typical with many other RFID label converters.

General purpose: These RFID labels are designed for use with standard RFID readers stocked in a variety of inlay types and sizes. They are available in paper and synthetic materials that work on non-metallic surfaces, plastics or corrugate. ZBR2000 Zebra-branded inlay: High sensitivity with a read range up to 20m in free space to deliver consistent, reliable performance and help you achieve a better ROI.

Advanced: These advanced RFID labels offer a higher level of read performance than our general- purpose labels for use where longer ranges are required. ZBR4000 Zebra-branded inlay: Provides efficient performance when placed on or near challenging materials, with omni-directional readability from almost any angle with a range up to 20m in free space.

General Purpose and Advanced Applications T&L Manufacturing Healthcare Distribution, shipping and receiving, warehouse operations including case, pallet and cross-docking applications Work-in-process, product labeling, product ID/serial numbers, security and product lifecycle tagging Patient ID, specimen, laboratory and pharmacy labeling, document and patient records management 3 Zebra technologies

On-metal: This metal asset tagging solution is available only from Zebra. It offers an alternative to expensive rigid/encapsulated tags. ZT410 Silverline Printer: Exclusively designed for Silverline Tags profile and special firmware. Silverline Tags: Spacer between tags, slotted groundplane, permanent adhesive, durable facestock. They are thin, flexible, printable on-demand, and work directly on metal.

Applications T&L Manufacturing Retail Healthcare Fleet management; metal and liquidfilled containers Asset tracking of tools, fixtures, metal parts, returnable containers, chemical drums and more Asset tracking of mobile computers, printers, antennas and infrastructure components Asset tracking of wheelchairs, beds, oxygen canisters, IV pumps and medical diagnostic tools.

Zebra Custom RFID Labeling Solutions: With our state-of-the-art presses and RFID manufacturing equipment, Zebra can create a customized RFID labeling solution to meet the unique requirements of your application:


High-performance solutions for your application

Zebra’s offering of general purpose, advanced and speciality RFID labelling solutions enables you to meet the RFID performance needs of your application.

Type Why choose Example inlays Best for Transportation and Logistics Use cases Manufacturing Use cases Healthcare Use cases
General purpose Most cost effective
  • Zebra ZBR2000
  • Alien Squiggle
  • Avery 23X series
  • Smartrac short dipole
Most applications Case and Pallet ID
  • Work-in-process
  • Product ID
  • Automotive Components
  • Specimens
  • Laboratory
  • Pharmacy
  • Patient ID wristbands
  • Off-axis label placement
  • Labelling of diverse materials
  • Densely packed items
  • Using overhead readers
  • Zebra ZBR4000
  • Smartrac dogbone
  • Avery 681
Applications utilising overhead readers and/or require extended read ranges Case and pallet ID (passive location)
  • Work-in-process
  • Product ID (passive location) – automotive components
  • Specimens
  • Laboratory
  • Pharmacy
Speciality Metal Zebra Silverline Metal assets (ie IT assets)
  • Chemical drums
  • Returnable containers
  • Tools
  • Fixtures
  • Metal parts
  • Returnable containers
  • Automotive components
  • IT Assets
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Testing equipment
  • Clinical equipment

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3M Polyester Ink Jet Receptacle Recyclable Labels
A4 Laser Labels Jet Gloss 90 Sheet Labels
Anodised Aluminium Laser Labels Sprocket Fed
Blockout/Blackout Loop Tags Tags
Clear laminates Metallised Silver/Polyester Tamper Evident
Clear PE Oven Proof Tactile
Clear PP Paper Direct Thermal (Eco or Topcoat) Tickets
Domed Paper Thermal Transfer (Matt Vellum or Gloss) Vinyl
Dot Matrix Labels Polyester (PET) Void
Fabric & Woven Labels Polyethylene (PE) Ultra Destruct
Fan Fold Labels Polypropylene (PP) Window Stickers
Fan Fold Tags & Tickets PVC
Garden Centre Tags Peel & Reveal


Acrylic based High Tack Ultra High Tack
Blockout / Blackout Peelable Ultra Low Tack
Chilled Permanent Void
Fastyre Rubber Based Water Resistant
Freezer Tamper Evident


Chemicals Handling Scuff Proof
Extreme High Temperature Moisture Sea & Salt Water (BS5609 Standard)
Extreme Low Outdoor Exposure Solvents
Grease Scratch Proof UV Exposure


Coding Ribbons Colours Full/Resin Ribbons
Coding Ribbons Full/Resin Hot Foil Ribbons
Coding Ribbons Wax/Resin Near Edge Wax/Resins Ribbons
Cold Stamping Ribbons Near Edge Full/Resins Ribbons
Colour Ribbons (Primary & Metallic) Premium Wax Ribbons
Chemical Ribbons (chemical resistant) Standard Wax Ribbons
Enhanced Wax Ribbons Washable Ribbons (Textile / Clothing Printing


Our ribbons can meet the following certifications :
Food Contact Europe RoHS Halogens
Heavy Metals Marine shipping (BS5609) California Proposition 65
REACH/SVHC Food Contact USA Print durability (UL)
Drug Master File