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Support for BarTender 2016 ends on the 30th April 2023 – upgrade now to BarTender 2022 now and benefit!


Seagull Scientific has announced that software support for BarTender 2016 will cease on the 30th of April 2023.  To continue to benefit from all the advantages and new features, we recommend that your customers upgrade to BarTender 2022.  With an active Maintenance and Support Agreement (MSA), the upgrade is free of charge!

BarTender 2016 label and card printing software will continue to function after the 30th of April 2023.  However, businesses that are not yet running the latest supported version of BarTender are already faced with an increased security and compliance risk, as well as increased IT support needs.  In addition, BarTender 2022 offers you and your customers many more benefits, such as a version update promotion*.

Do some of your customers want to use all the features of BarTender 2022 but others only want a few selected tools?  No problem, the label software consists of four editions that may be upgraded, as needed.

Starter Edition

  • For small businesses and label design beginners
  • For easy label design, automation and management

Professional Edition

  • Ideal for small businesses or individual departments
  • In addition to the Starter Edition: access to databases, spreadsheets and other files

Automation Edition

  • For larger businesses with high label volumes
  • In addition to the Professional Edition: flexible integration methods, »Process Builder« simplifies manual processes

Enterprise Edition

  • For highly regulated industries and businesses with multiple locations
  • In addition to the Automation Edition: facilitate the management of design and print functions