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Event Attendance

Discover event attendance software from Supplyline Auto ID, based in the UK.  Choose from our online range of mobile applications that you can use to track attendance at corporate indoor events and organised outdoor activities.  Simply register attendees by scanning their ID card to check them in to an event.  These solutions are fully customisable and can be used to record more detailed information relating to each visitor at an event.

How does Event Attendance Software work?

When an ID badge is scanned, the card holders details are recorded instantly or can be displayed on screen if required.

Specific information such as a name and contact details can be reviewed, and once confirmed, a date & time is automatically added to the record.  Data is saved onto the device for uploading to a PC or can be sent live across a wireless network. For outdoor events away from any LAN it can be emailed across a mobile 3G/4G network once the registration process is complete


Benefits of the Event Attendance Software:

System Features:

Suitable Applications:

System Requirements for the Event Attendance Software:

We can also provide a range of Event Registration applications for Touch Screen Tablet PC’s with a self service check in option to enable visitors to print their own badges.

Our event solutions are customised specifically for you.

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