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Need to verify your barcodes? Check out our stock of Axicon verifiers

Axicon 6025 barcode verifier hand held facing frontBad barcodes can disrupt inventory systems, cripple access security systems, break supply chains, and bring important processes to a halt.

We, at Supplyline, recognise and understand the importance of having properly functioning and working barcodes.

To help you ensure that your barcodes are working, we stock a full range of Axicon barcode verifiers.

Are your barcodes up to 66mm wide, then you need to look at the 6000 series; do they have a maximum width of 125mm?, then it’s the 6500 series you need; or if they are 200mm wide, then you are looking at the 7000 series.

If you need to read linear or 2D barcodes, then check out the 15000 series or if you need to verify on the move, then it is the PV range that might suit your needs.

Finally, we stock the 6000W Laetus Pharmacode which is specifically for verifying codes within the pharmaceutical industry.

Contact our sales team for more information.