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Axicon Laetus 6000W Pharmacode Verifier


Axicon Laetus 6000W Pharmacode Verifier

Part number: V16000W Category: Brand:

£1,548.78 inc VAT£1,290.65 excl VAT

Specifically designed to meet the requirements for verifying the “Pharmacode” within the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Delivery time: Call for lead-time

The Axicon 6000W Laetus pharmacode verifier has been specifically designed to meet the requirements for verifying the Laetus pharmacode (commonly called the Laetus or PCE Code) within the pharmaceutical industry.

As these codes may be printed in several colours, they cannot be verified by conventional ISO/IEC compliant verifiers, and this special application was created by our engineers. It is a verifier that refers to the Laetus pharmacode specifications for print quality.

This verifier uses a white light source to be able to verify all symbols regardless of colour. It is an essential tool for all designers and printers of pharmaceutical packaging, as it can be used with pharmacodes printed in black and white or a combination of colours.

Key benefits of the Axicon Laetus 6000W Pharmacode Verifier

  • Captures all Coloured bars
  • Automatic bi-directional decode
  • Suitable for both Standard Code and Mini Code
  • Product Look-Up
  • Dimensional Measurements
  • Nominal Width Measurement
  • Bar Measurements
  • Scan Profile
  • Visual reconstruction
  • Free Software Updates for life

Axicon 6000W Product Datasheet

Axicon 6000W User Guide


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