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Datalogic QuickScan QM2500 2D Cordless Barcode Scanner


Datalogic QuickScan QM2500 2D Cordless Barcode Scanner

£327.20£336.00 inc VAT£272.67£280.00 excl VAT

With the new, efficient Datalogic radio area imager QuickScan QM2500, employees at the POS have more time for their customers!

QuickScan Mobile QM2500, 2D, USB, RS232

Part number: QM2500-BK-433 Category: Tags: , , Brand:

£327.20 inc VAT£272.67 excl VAT

handheld scanner, 2D, incl.: connection: USB, RS232, IP52, incl.: charging/transmitter cradle, manual, order separately: interface cable

Delivery time: Call for lead-time

QuickScan Mobile QM2500, USB, 2D, USB, RS232, kit (USB) 

Part number: QM2500-BK-433K1 Category: Tags: , , Brand:

£336.00 inc VAT£280.00 excl VAT

handheld scanner, 2D, incl.: connection: USB, RS232, IP52, incl.: cable (USB), charging/transmitter cradle, manual, order separately: interface cable


Delivery time: Call for lead-time

The new QuickScan QM2500 Barcode scanner from Datalogic is an entry level 2D corded handheld scanner that punches well above its weight when it comes to performance.  It is the robust and reliable companion in the retail sector for your POS checkout, built for many years of continued service.  It effortlessly reads a full range of barcodes, be they damaged, hard to read, or poorly printed.  In addition, with today’s Covid safeguards in place, the QuickScan 2500 imager is optimized to seamlessly read through plexiglass barriers.  All of these must-have benefits are available at an incredibly affordable price, making the QuickScan 2500 imager the latest and most desirable addition to the Datalogic family of renowned handheld barcode scanners.

Improve performance with user friendly feedback

When using the QuickScan 2500 imager, you want a low-cost device with top guaranteed scanning performance and a reliable read every time, period. You want an easy to aim device that gives clear audible, tactile and visual feedback on each read, good or bad. You want a device that sits comfortably in your hand and never gives you fatigue, no matter how long your working shift. The QuickScan 2500 imager does not fail, even when continually used for long periods of time and provides plenty of freedom of movement with high quality cables that are robust enough to withstand constant abuse. Any type of barcode – 1D, 2D, postal codes, stacked or composite barcodes, dotcodes, and digital watermark codes – the QuickScan 2500 imager has you covered.

Connect, configure, use

As well as being the very affordable and easy to use handheld scanning solution for your business, the QuickScan 2500 imager is extremely easy to setup. It will give you the best fit for your store environment. The simple and seamless configuration of the scanner with connectivity to all manner of hosts, makes this the only solution you will need for your business. It is well built and will comfortably survive 5 ft drops and over 10 million trigger presses. The adjustable brightness of the light source makes it comfortable to suit most people’s eyes. With Motionix technology, the imager is ready for action as soon as it is picked up. All in all, you have at your fingertips the perfect device for scanning all your goods.

Perform, perform, perform

The QuickScan 2500 imager boasts a very rich feature set for out-of-the-box capabilities. The 1 MP optics provide best-in-class scanning and depth of field for all your applications. No need to worry about scanning orientation as it is omnidirectional. It will seamlessly read codes displayed on smartphone screens, making promotions and coupons easy to manage. The imager is equipped with an easy to see aiming system that consists of two blue triangles, providing full guidance with extreme precision. This makes it easy for the staff to target the right code to read, and the distinctive Green Spot technology from Datalogic is clearly projected as a visual indicator upon each successful read.

Key features of the Datalogic QM2500 Barcode Scanner

  • 433 / 910 MHz star radio
  • 2D MP Imager
  • Complete bidirectionality
  • Radio range in open air: up to 30 m / 98 ft
  • Ergonomic and comfortable tactile feedback
  • Interference-free wireless communication
  • Outstanding Reading Performance (Depth of Field and Snappiness)
  • Extreme Precision Aiming System

Watch the video: Quickscan 2500 series


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