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Healthcare Scanner

Healthcare Barcode Scanners

  • Zebra DS8100 HC Handheld Healthcare Scanner

    Zebra DS8100-HC Handheld Healthcare Scanner

    £248.72£614.22 inc VAT£207.27£511.85 excl VAT

    Better Workflows for Healthcare Professionals and Better Experiences for Patients

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  • Zebra CS4070 HC Healthcare Scanner

    Zebra CS4070-HC Healthcare Scanner

    £387.95£509.17 inc VAT£323.29£424.31 excl VAT

    Pocket size disinfectant-ready wireless handheld Bluetooth scanner provides enterprise-class 1D/2D scanning that nurses and lab technicians need at bedside to prevent errors in medication administration and specimen collection. Easily pairs with in-room computers, laptops, tablets and workstations-on-wheels WOWs.

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