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CK75AA6MN00A5421, alphanumeric, cold storage


CK75AA6MN00A5421, alphanumeric, cold storage

£2,500.10 inc VAT£2,083.42 excl VAT

CK75/Alphanumeric/EX25 Near Far Imager/No Camera/802.11abgn/Bluetooth/Android 6 No GMS/Client Pack/Cold Storage/ETSI & World Wide

Delivery time: 2-4 days

Honeywell CK75 Mobile Computer Cold Storage (Intermec)

Honeywell CK75 Mobile Computer Standard right facing View Details

Coming in at 31% smaller and lighter than any other rivals in its class the Honeywell CK75 mobile computer is optimized for warehouse and distribution environments with premium, industrial-grade materials for the perfect balance of ruggedness and duty cycle, along with features that enable flexibility and agility, even in the most extreme conditions.

The CK75 mobile computer gives workers the flexibility to quickly transition to tasks that require near or far scanning, speech, voice and image capture, without wasting time reorienting themselves on unfamiliar devices. A a dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n WLAN radio ensure fast response times even in low signal level areas, or poor connections

There is the choice of Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 or Android 6 operating systems on a single device.

  • Rugged Yet Compact : 31% smaller and lighter than leading devices in the ultra-rugged class.
  • Flexible Operating System Support : Supports Windows® Embedded Handheld 6.5 and Android™ 6.0 Marshmallow operating systems for flexible application support and migration.
  • Built for Rugged Environments : Withstands 2.4 m (8 ft) drops to concrete, 2000 (1 m) tumbles and has an IP67 seal rating against water and dust.
  • Superior Barcode Scanning : Industry’s fastest and farthest imaging engines deliver superior motion tolerance and barcode read performance.

Honeywell CK75 Datasheet


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