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Armor AXR 7+ Resin Ribbon, for Flat Head Printers


Armor AXR 7+ Resin Ribbon, for Flat Head Printers

AXR7+: General purpose ribbon for demanding applications

The Armor AXR7+ is the standard resin ribbon for Flat Head printers. This product offers a wide versatility and you can even print on coated papers. Its ability to widen the usual application fields of resin ribbons have resulted in making AXR®7+ the worldwide reference on this range of products.

AXR7+ is dedicated to applications requiring a perfect printing quality and excellent mechanical resistances. The ink provides excellent printing quality of all types of barcodes, very small text, large characters and logos, at a blackness up to 1.7 (ODR).
The ribbon structure allows printing on many kinds of synthetics (PVC, PET, PE, PP), on various matt and high gloss coated papers and even on some uncoated papers.

The printed image offers an excellent smudge and scratch resistance and good heat resistance, up to 180°C.

Those characteristics remain at speeds up to 250 mm/s (10 ips) and with 200, 300 and 600 DPI printheads, making this ribbon perfectly suited to the labelling market, and allowing its use in the flexible packaging printing market.

Main Applications of the Armor AXR 7+ Resin Ribbons:

  • Automotive interior labels
  • Tire labels
  • Patient wristbands
  • Laboratory labels
  • Meat packing labels
  • Cosmetics packaging labels
  • Rating plates
  • Chemical labels

Key benefits:

  • Excellent printing quality
  • Excellent resistance to smudge and scratch
  • Good resistance to high temperature

Film thickness: 4, 5μm
Total ribbon thickness: <9μm
Ink melting point: 80°C | 176°F
Coefficient of friction: Kd < 0,2
Ink blackness: 1,7 ODR
Antistatic designed

Armor AXR7+ Product Datasheet


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