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Toshiba Cleaning Wipes (Box Qty 100)


Toshiba Cleaning Wipes (Box Qty 100)

£22.50£30.00 inc VAT£18.75£25.00 excl VAT

Toshiba Cleaning Wipes (Box Qty 100) 1-2 Boxes

Part number: SUP-CL-IPA-WIPE-12 Categories: , Brand:

£30.00 inc VAT£25.00 excl VAT

Price is per box

Delivery time: 2-4 days

Toshiba Cleaning Wipes (Box Qty 100) 3-4 Boxes

Part number: SUP-CL-IPA-WIPE-34 Categories: , Brand:

£26.26 inc VAT£21.88 excl VAT

Price is per box

Delivery time: 2-4 days

Toshiba Cleaning Wipes (Box Qty 100) 5+ Boxes

Part number: SUP-CL-IPA-WIPE-5 Categories: , Brand:

£22.50 inc VAT£18.75 excl VAT

Price is per box

Delivery time: 2-4 days

A common occurrence when printing with thermal transfer and direct thermal printers is dirt and residue build-up on the printhead and plate rollers over time, along with adhesive from your labels.

Regular cleaning and maintenance stops the residue creating a permanent barrier between the printhead and substrate, which would inevitably cause reduced print quality and eventually printhead failure.

Buy Thermal Printhead Cleaning wipes and insist on the Toshiba brand, these are ideal not only for cleaning and maintaning your printhead but are perfect for Platen rollers / paper guides and sensors to allow trboule free printing. With the correct mangement and cleaning program you can double the life of your printheads.

Isopropyl alcohol can be used in either wipe or swab form to clean the surface of the print-head. You can also apply the solution to a lint-free cloth, just be sure to use rubbing alcohol with as high of a purity percentage as possible. Apply a minimal amount of pressure during cleaning, enough to be effective but not enough as to damage the printhead. Before resuming printing, allow the print-head to dry fully.

Cleaning Frequency
Regardless of which method is used, your printhead should be cleaned each time you change 2 or 3 label rolls or ribbons. Regular cleaning ensures you continue to receive consistent print quality while also preserving the life of your printhead.


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