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£330.00£1,853.40 inc VAT£275.00£1,544.50 excl VAT

Distri-Count with Ultrasonic Label Sensor for transparent and black labels. Can handle any core size between 25,4 and 76mm


Part number: LMC031 Category: Brand:

£1,853.40 inc VAT£1,544.50 excl VAT

Distri-Count with Ultrasonic Label Sensor for transparent and black labels. Can handle any core size between 25,4 and 76mm

Delivery time: 2-4 days

Battery Pack

Part number: LMX451 Category: Brand:

£330.00 inc VAT£275.00 excl VAT

Full Kit for mobile operations. Includes battery, charger & cables. Autonomy of circa 8h, recharging-cycle circa 8h

Delivery time: 2-4 days

Unique Label Counter, with Ultrasonic sensor, counting precise from the 1st label and presenting the requested number of labels on tear-off bar. With a softkey control panel and large display, the Distri-Count will present you the requested number of labels or count your label roll before restocking it. The Distri-Count-U Label Counter will count any label, including transparent and black labels.

The Distri-Count is designed with the Pharmaceutical market in mind. To comply with Falsified Medicine Directives all over the world, the Distri-Count can be of great value for: tamper evident sealing, uni-dose serialisation and serialisation of secondary and tertiary packaging.

Other applications and markets include: transportation, logistics and inventory management, high-value product identification (eg electronics), healthcare and retail.

  • Softkey control panel and large display for easy entering required quantity of labels
  • Easy Paper Loading with integrated measurement of the label size. Closing the cover after media loading starts the callibration process
  • High-end sensor with adjustable positioning for reliable counting of regular and special shaped labels.
  • Available in Ultrasonic edition for counting transparent labels
  • Dancer Arm keeps the media well tensioned for accurate and reliable detection and counting
  • In count mode, the Distri-Count will feed and count the entire label roll. Perfect solution to update your inventory before restocking the label roll.
  • RW-model comes with integrated rewinder and base plate for perfect alignment
  • Optional battery pack for creating mobile counting stations


  • For Transparent and black labels up to 115mm wide
  • Roll capacity up to 220mm
  • Supports 38, 40, 44, 70, 76mm core diameters
  • Max Label Length of 200mm

Distri Count Manual

Distri Count Datasheet


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