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Clean Start® : A Game Changer for Thermal Transfer Printers?

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, the demand for efficient and reliable printing solutions has never been higher. In response to these needs, ARMOR-IIMAK, a global leader in thermal transfer printer ribbons, has enriched their offer with an innovative solution — Clean Start — that…

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What are Linerless Labels?

WHAT DOES LINERLESS MEAN? The main difference between linerless labels and standard labels is that they do not have a liner or backing paper to minimize wastage. Linerless labels have a silicon-release coating on the top layer and a rubber-based permanent adhesive. The siliconized surface…

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Direct Thermal vs Thermal Transfer

There are two types of printers, Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer. Direct Thermal printers do not require a ribbon to print.  They are best suited for address labels, short-term price/barcode labels and parcel/pallet labels. Thermal Transfer printers do require a ribbon and are best suited for…

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Introduction to Labels

Thinking of buying some labels, but not sure what type of label you need?  Take a look at this in-depth label guide put together by the Supplyline experts. Different Types of Labels Laser Labels: These are self-explanatory and are used in machines like photocopiers, ink-jet…

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